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The hard reality of any transaction is that until a transaction is closed, it isn’t. When the proceeds are in your account, only then is your deal done.

We at 316 Wall Street are paranoid about confidentiality and you should be also. Well meaning people in your life, your family, neighbors, and friends want to see your hard work rewarded. But their knowledge of your transaction must wait till the deal is closed. That “secret” that you share with them, if innocently shared with others, can spell the doom of your transaction, hundreds of hours of hard work, tens of thousands of dollars spent and wasted.

Ask yourself, if your employees knew you were for sale, would they stay? If they did leave, might they not first look for employment with your competitors, your suppliers, or even your customers? Would your suppliers sell to you on the same terms, would your customers buy from you with the same confidence? Just how bruised would any or all of these three critical relationships become? And, if it affects your revenues, profits, or future, is the buyer still buying?

Almost ALL BREACHES of confidentiality are traceable to the unintentional leaking of your transaction by the people who are closest to you. Friends and family who never consciously choose to hurt you can cause you great, sometimes irrecoverable harm. We’ve witnessed transactions that we thought were done never close due to these unintentional indiscretions.

316 Wall Street will never disclose anything to anyone without explicit permission by you, the owner of what information is disseminated and to whom it is sent. Period.