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Since 1999


William S. Leib Sr.

Founder, CEO

Bill’s guidance and counsel have allowed over 1,000 private company owners to benefit from the professional M&A process. This impressive volume of work ranks him among the most prolific, well known, and sought after advisors in the country. He has consistently been the top performer in companies of his association for the last two decades. His thorough understanding of what investors are seeking when they are buying a privately owned company is borne of this unique perspective; he has purchased for his own account or others 55 privately owned concerns. As such, he has been on both sides of the table; an invaluable perspective in his representation of his clients largest asset. This allows his clients to see their transaction from the perspective that counts most, the eyes of the buyer.

His body of work represents over $3 billion in completed or pending transactions. And he continues to bring creative and innovative thinking to an ever evolving and increasingly sophisticated marketplace.

His experience can be the difference between a smooth and professional transition of one’s business and one where both the process and result are decidedly unpleasant. In a world where the legal punishments for omissions are on equal footing with misstatements of facts, this critical thinking is invaluable before, during, and after sale.

One startling fact crystallizes just how uneven the playing field can be for an owner when the time for a transaction is at hand. According to an industry study, only 1 in 17 owners have sold a business before; whereas the average buyer we compete against has bought 21 businesses. Bill can provide the advantage needed to maximize the value of one’s life work.

Bill has held senior positions at IBM, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and CitiGroup Capital. His background includes both Undergraduate and Graduate studies in Economics and Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. He is a Gerson Lehman Investment Banking industry expert and sits on the board of The United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce.

He has been an alternate delegate to The Republican National Convention, the State Treasurer for New Jersey Right to Life, a member of Opus Dei, Special Olympics organizer, and Co-President and coach of The West Essex Cowboys youth football program. Now a proud Texan, his passions are his faith, his family, and his country, thanks for which a bended knee starts and ends each day.