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Trusted M&A Advisers to America’s Privately Owned Businesses

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Trusted M&A Advisers to America’s privately owned businesses





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Who we are

New York, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Colorado, Nevada, & West Vriginia

3:16 Wall Street has advised over 1,000 private business owners on how to maximize the value of their largest asset. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality result, whether the shareholders are looking to divest, recapitalize, merge, or acquire. Our goal is simple: to get our clients the quality of life they want while they own their business and to provide the resources to pursue their dreams after they sell.

​Our network of North America’s finest Merger and acquisition advisers represent hundreds of years of unparalleled experience. We work with only the most highly vetted professionals whose personal integrity and character will be evident from your first conversation with them through the completion of your transaction. We can guide you through the complex methodologies necessary if you are to fully realize the value of this part of your life’s work. You have our promise of the highest ethical standards as we deliver the superior results you demand of us and we demand of ourselves.